Daniel Gilchrist - Gnotuk workbench 2010

About Gilchrist Guitars

Gilchrist Guitars create custom handmade Electric Guitars, Electric Mandolins and Electric Basses in Gnotuk, Australia. 
With styles ranging from water stained and natural - to industrial and tech filled, each instrument is designed and made by Daniel Gilchrist.

I began making instruments in 2006. I've always had a great passion for playing guitar, so understanding how they are made and what was involved in making a great guitar at such a young age was very inspiring to me.
I create instruments of my own design in the same workshop as my father Stephen Gilchrist, at Lake Gnotuk.

I love making instruments and being able to work with such great materials and components. A chance to create my own original designs and to collaborate with talented musicians is something that I really enjoy and find very exciting.

- Daniel Gilchrist.